*Ring Pillows(戒枕)3
  • R-030

    20*20cm, white pillow with black satin ribbon
    Black and white satin bowknot on the middle

  • R-029

    20*20cm, white pillow with floral embroidered lace
    Lace bowknot with pearl on the middle

  • R-028

    20*20cm, white pillow with two laced embroidered and pearl bowknots
    Satin ribbon bowknots with pearl on the middle

  • R-027

    20*20cm, white satin pillow
    Black satin ribbon bowknot on the diagonal, and beads on the middle

  • R-026

    20*20cm, white satin pillow
    Crossed purple and white satin ribbon with bowknot on the middle

  • R-024

    20*20cm, white laced pillow

    Scattered beads and a crystal on the middle

    bidi-font-size:12.0pt'>Satin ribbon bowknot on the middle

  • R-023

    20*20cm, white pillow
    Purple satin ribbon and bowknot on the middle

  • R-022

    20*20cm, white satin pillow
    Scattered crystals, red satin ribbon with net and crystals on the middle

  • R-021(white)

    20*20cm, white pillow
    Staggered lace ribbon with scattered laced flowers
    Beads on the middle

  • R-021(blue)

    20*20cm, white pillow
    Blue staggered lace ribbon with scattered laced flowers
    Beads on the middle

  • R-020

    20*20cm, white pillow
    Surrounded by the beads
    Crossed satin ribbon bowknot with rhinestone on the middle

  • R-019

    20*20cm, white pillow
    White satin bowknot with 3 pearls on the right and the left respectively, and a pearl on the middle

  • R-018

    20*20cm, white pillow with surrounded beads
    Staggered laced pattern, and a satin white bowknot with a rhinestone on the middle

  • R-017

    20*20cm, white pillow with a rhinestone in the middle

    Embroidered laced floral pattern on the whole pillow

  • R-016

    20*20cm, white pillow surrounded by the beads

    Satin ribbon bowknot with a rhinestone on the middle

  • R-014

    20*20cm, white pillow

    Crossed purple bowknot (satin ribbon)

  • R-015

    20*20cm, white satin pillow
    Embroidered lace on the bottom of the pillow
    Three red rhinestones with laced pattern on the middle